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“I sought Lenka out last year because of a traumatic experience my young son had, and he was struggling with the aftermath. My son had been bitten by a dog when he was 2 years old and suffered from post-traumatic shock, in the form of nightmares, biting us and a big fear of doctors. I have Dr Peter Levine’s book at home and was also familiar with craniosacral therapy, so I was looking for someone who works sensitively with children and knows how to work with trauma, which Lenka exactly did. Her sensitivity and enthusiasm to support people is amazing. Basically after 1-2 sessions focused on trauma and cranio, my son improved tremendously and I was given information on how to work further at home. The way we worked was by playing with toys and Lenka tried to release the defensive reactions from the body. I know that if I need to consult or go over something again that hasn’t been fully worked on, I will definitely be happy to reach out to Lenka! Thank you Leni.”

Petra Ječmenová – Woman on maternity leave

“During therapy I experienced a beautiful deep sense of safety that I could relax into and be in. A feeling flowing from a mother’s arms that I had never experienced with anyone in my childhood. The surprise for me was that this need was transformed after therapy with Lenka. Thank you for this experience and the transformation that therapy brought.”

Marian Plic – Entrepreneur

“I met Lenka 3 years ago, I got some issues about acceptance and sense of guilt.

We started therapeutic approach with craniosacral treatment and finally we introduced meditation and shamanic journey and animal guide.
It is a beautiful experience, it calms me down, it gives me peace but it fills me in with positive energy. With my animals I found replies to some problems. Reality is clearer after the journey and fears are lighter.
Lenka is an amazing therapist.
I cannot think to do without her help.

Irene – Scientist

“I visited Lenka because of my traumatic experience of childbirth and my fear of another pregnancy. I attended the first session alone, the next two together with my six-year-old daughter. All visits were very pleasant and enriching, Lenka’s touch was healing and relaxing. I became aware of things I had not seen before, which helped me to come to terms with some facts of my past. Lenka’s work with my daughter was fantastic. Lenka is very empathetic and has the gift of being able to connect to a child’s soul. My daughter was thrilled with the visits and would love to go again. She most enjoyed playing with the red tent that symbolized the womb and she was able to process the experience of induced labor. I highly recommend a visit with Lenka to everyone and look forward to the next one myself.”

Ivona Grunerová

“I just wanted to thank you personally for the 30 minute Craniosacral treatment you gave me at Buddhafield this summer. I’d suffered lower back pain for 12+ years and now I have none! Truly a remarkable result. Thank you so much. I really, really appreciate it! Maybe see you next year! With deep gratitude,”


“Lenka is GENTLE. She guides you with LOVING CARE. Being greeted with a warm smile and a universal invitation to sip hot tea with honey was such a genuine gift.”


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