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Lenka Lorien Kolárová

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Somatic Experiencing Diploma

I originally studied art and graphic design, which I have been doing professionally for several years. I was led to therapy via my interest in the human body and dance, which I really enjoy, and also an interest in alternative holistic therapies.

My therapeutic career path started an amazing, fulfilling and transformative life journey for me in 2009, where I was able to meet and be inspired by my colleagues from different strands of holistic medicine. I received my therapeutic training mainly in England where I lived for several years, working with children and the elderly, and at English music festivals as a body therapist.

I was also influenced by yoga and meditation, which I have also been doing for several years. I believe that touch, feeling safe and listening are among the primary tools for healing for any person. Human touch and meeting emotional needs and being heard plays a very important role in everyone’s life. How we express our feelings can have a profound effect on our mental and physical health. Touch can also bring loving energy and a sense of security to another person, and for a young child is a very basic thing. It is this conscious touch that I practice in craniosacral therapy, working with both adults as well as babies and their mothers. I see clients who are stuck in their early traumas and it is the complete acceptance, listening, and emotional support that can be of significant help to them from a therapist.

I have completed three years of training in working with trauma known as ‘somatic experiencing’. This method, by biologist Peter Levine, PhD, beautifully builds on my craniosacral practice, and in the same way works slowly and gently with the client, focusing on the positive resources of the client and their body. Trauma therapy gives me a way to work with clients and their physical or emotional pain. I like that this is where we can reconnect to the body and nervous system functions and then use various tools to bring these back into a harmonious state. During my sessions I like to use the dynamic elements of drama therapy and rewriting the original emotional patterns.

I love nature, travelling, acting, singing, drawing and illustration. I also like to combine all of these into my work.

Professional certified courses and education

Professional certified courses and education

Two years training in Kundalini Yoga, London, UK, karamkriya.com

Two years therapeutic training in biodynamic craniosacral therapy London, UK, cranio.co.uk

One year training in Thai massage, London, UK, muditathaiyoga.com

Peter Levine, “Working with Trauma” seminar, London, UK

Working with mothers and children in Craniosacral Therapy, postgraduate course, London, UK

Thai therapeutic massage and acupressure, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Reflexive segment massage, Prague, CZ, kurzy-maserske.cz

Lymphatic massage, Prague, CZ, kurzy-maserske.cz

Massage therapist in health care, Prague, CZ, kurzy-maserske.cz

Dornova Method, dornova-metoda.com

Basics of body psychotherapy and working with the inner child

Assisted craniosacral work with babies and birth trauma with Sheila Kean, Prague, CZ

Assisted postgraduate course in craniosacral dynamics with Michael Kern, Prague, CZ

Three-year training: Somatic Experiencing, working with trauma, Prague, CZ, somatic-experiencing.cz

Assisting Breath of Life London in workshops with S. Porges, Gabor Mate, Bessel van del Kolk

Postgraduate course in craniosacral biodynamics with Charles Ridley, Prague, CZ